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One of the hardest parts of the divorce process is determining the future of your family. When it comes to child custody, an experienced attorney can help you defend your parental rights. The Law Offices of Everett Cook, P.C. can review your situation and explain your options. Our divorce attorney will help make sure the court keeps your child's best interests in mind and will help you make a case for the best possible custody arrangement.

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The many types of custody agreements

It might be difficult to convince the court to grant you full custody. But our divorce attorney will help you build a strong case for the arrangement you want. We can help with child custody agreements like...

Legal custody-this will give you the power to make long-term decisions about your child's healthcare and education
Physical custody-this will allow you to determine where your child lives on a day-to-day basis
Joint custody-this will give you and your ex-spouse shared control over the upbringing of your child

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