Q: Does an estate need an attorney?

A: Yes. An estate attorney advises, counsels and guides the personal representative of the estate. A good estate attorney shields the personal representative and the estate from any of the various issues involved with the administration of the estate.

Q: How does the estate pay the taxes owed?

A: An estate attorney helps the personal representative open the estate and pay all of the state and federal taxes that may be owed on the estate. An estate lawyer will also advise you on how to limit the total amount that may be owed to the state.

Q: Do I need a will?

A: Yes. It is always better to write a will before you think you need one. Wills do not take a long time to prepare, are not very costly and can be changed at any time after they are executed. A lehigh valley estate lawyer can help you decided what is most important to you and how to take care of your loved ones. Contact a lehigh valley estate attorney today an put your mind at ease and your affairs in order.

Q: Do my parents need a will?

A: Yes. Often people think if they have fully grown children or no children that estate planning is not necessary. Ensuring that a proper executor or executrix is chosen, that your loved ones and friends are taken care of and that you have a proper power of attorney and/or living will are all areas where a whitehall estate attorney can help you or your parents.

Q: Are there time limits in an Estate Case?

A: Yes. There are several time limits associated with any estate case, a Lehigh Valley estate attorney can advise you on what needs to be filed, when it needs to be filed and prepare the proper paperwork for the State and Federal tax returns. A free consultation with an estate lawyer will help answer all of your questions.